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High Performance Engine Mount

Through extensive research and development on the track and the dyno, Black Racing Engines is proud to introduce their new Micro & Mini Max specific engine mount. The mount was designed with performance in mind and truly delivers just that. Dyno results have shown an increase of up to 0.2 hp. This may not sound like a lot but in the Micro & Mini Max categories every 10th of a horsepower makes a difference.

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Key Points Of Our Custom Design

  • Designed to fit specifically the 28mm chassis tubing to give a more precise fit which ensures perfect parallelism between the driver and driven gears
  • The venturi design allows airflow through the mount and under the crankcase providing reduced temperatures throughout the duration of the race
  • Integrated cooling fins offer increased surface area drawing even more power robbing heat from the crank case
  • Offset to move the sprocket hub closer to the bearing cassette. This decreases the load imposed on the right crankcase bearing caused by axle deflection
  • Made in North America from aircraft grade T6 Aluminium
  • Optimized angle to maximize efficiency of the intake and exhaust