Utilizing the best in equipment allows us to build the highest in quality engines for our Rotax customers. Everyone knows that the Rotax engines are not all equal and as a parent you want to have the best possible engines for your kids. BRE is your one stop shop that can take a customers used engines, or brand new engines and with lots of time and love can build that winning engine you need.

In this day and age dyno tuning is a must. At BRE each engine is mounted on the dyno before any work is performed, and again after the engine rebuild is complete. We then compare your engine data to our best, letting you know exactly how your engine compares to a national level proven winner. This allows our customers to make an informed decision on how to proceed in their personal engine program. We spend most of our time on the dyno and our results speak for themselves. I would not expect to win a race using an engine built in a shop without a proper way of testing and tuning and neither should you. The truth is there are major variances in the parts from casting and machining tolerances which produce great differences in the engines performance. Some of these dimensions cannot be measured with conventional equipment. Just because a certain component measures within a specific tolerance does not mean that it will produce power and a part that works well on one engine may not work well on the next. For this reason we dyno test and record data from each component of the engine.

Our passion for engines is what leads our clients to victory.